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Post reading activities are implemented by developing community reading centers at public spaces that include villages, worship places, orphaneges or other social centers, markets, hospitals, and malls. Up to 5,600 community reading centers in Indonesia and in 2010, there will be 561 additional community reading centers in public spaces. There are literate environment is also strenghened by reading and writing forum, competitions, publication of reading culture in mass media, and award giving to creative works in improving reading culture, for example publication of 100 best caught in reading pictures.

The followings are examples of forum activities and community reading centers at malls.

Indonesian Government have shown their seriousness and commitment in realizing the idea of building community reading center in public places and shopping centers (in this case, malls) through the following actions:

"Now we have more than 10 TBM @ Mall," said me. "Next we will have more that 10 to 15 TBM @ Mall in Indonesia".

> The launching of TBM @ Mall was held exactly on the same day of Indonesian Education Day on May 2, 2010. The launching program was relayed nationally on television by a national channel, RCTI and tvOne.

> The grand opening ceremony of TBM @ Mall was conducted by the Education Minister of Indonesia and the director of the Village Malls that is one of the Big Shopping Canter Enterprises owning many branches in Indonesia symbolically opened it.

The reason for opening TBM @ Mall is to serve malls'visitors who are 50 of them are teenagers, 25% are senior people, and 25% early childhood people. This is also aimed at using Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of Shopping Center Enterprises, publishers, and other community resources.

(Source: Book of Improving Literacy For All: A National Movement for Empowering Indonesian Community, publising Ministry of National Education Republic of Indonesia, pages 53-54)

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